Otsu-shi, Shiga


This is a project to renovate a steel-frame building in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture, into a house and studio for a textile designer couple with three small children.
When restoring an ancient building, researchers analyze the remains and, at the same time, envision what it would have looked like using wall paintings and other pictorial materials of the time as clues.
In this case, we used textiles designed by the client as pictorial materials and gave them form by deciphering the worldview of the textiles and the kind of life that took place there. By using this kind of restorative method, we designed a space in which their work and their lives are one and the same.
In the textiles they create, scenes of daily life are abstracted and decomposed into textured elements, which are then recomposed and overlapped to integrate them into a single landscape as a whole. We therefore created a kind of cityscape by repeating iconic forms, and then filled the abstract space with their textiles to give it texture.
From the landscape a textile is born. From the textile, a space is created. And while living in that space, a new textile will be born again. This kind of correspondence through each other's works will continue in the future.
Structure: Kazuki Suzuki
Lighting: DAISUKI LIGHT (Masato Oyoshi)
Photo: Yosuke Ohtake