Elements of Light

Product, Prototype



Elements of Light is a series of lighting pieces with primitive shapes that resemble ancient prayer tools. For ancient people, the world around them consisted of the fundamental elements of beautiful and awe-inspiring nature, such as water and wind, earth and fire, and light and darkness. We AATISMO have selected three of these elements and used them as motifs for our exploration of light.
This lighting piece embodies aether, a substance that, before modern science, was thought to fill the air as a medium for transmitting light. To create a soft, all-encompassing light, as if emitted by aether, a translucent membrane floats inside a shade made of blown glass. The membrane receives and diffuses the light pouring down from the source above.
Wind, or air movement, is one of the most familiar natural energies. Air was designed to be a new light-emitting organism that derives its energy from the wind. When the thin metal wings of the origami structure are swayed by the wind, the built-in piezoelectric device generates electricity and slowly emits a soft LED glow. The light reflects the shifting energy of the surrounding wind and flickers as delicately as a firefly, giving the impression of life.
On the evening of a full moon, the light emitted by the moon glints on the surface of the sea or lake, or water in a bowl , as if the water itself glows from within. Pieces of recycled glass from fluorescent lamps are put into a bowl where they were melted and shaped into a bowl. Given new life, the glass contains tiny bubbles trapped inside and shard remnants on the surface, giving off a soothing light like water in the moonlight.
Photography: Shinya Sato
Production: YSM
Blown Glass: Sarue Glass Co., Ltd