Guesthouse CAMPUS

Architecture, Branding



This project is the renovation of a vacant house into a guesthouse and its branding.
The project proposes a new way of living for a new program called "study vacation," in which students can take remote classes while relaxing on the airy island of Kozu island in the age of the coronavirus in two spaces: a loft bed (study) and a plaza (vacation).
The shape of the village and buildings on Kozu island is influenced by the topography, and many of the buildings and alleys are deformed. Therefore, by inserting a plaza in the pure form of a circle, the image of camping and gathering around a fire on the plains of learning is expressed, and this is a plaza for learning. Unlike most guesthouses, there are desks under the loft beds for individual use, and a small room dedicated to online classes so that students can participate in the classes.
In addition to the hardware, a booklet called the "Book of Adventure" was created as software, and by completing quests related to the island, guests can become more deeply involved with Kozu island.
We also worked on the total branding of the guesthouse, including the creation of the guesthouse logo with the motif of Ashitaba leaves and the overall color scheme.
Design: KAMINAGASUGI (Yuka Sugiyama, Eriko Masunaga (AATISMO), Natsuko Kanzaki)
Production and construction: studio arche (Takahiro Kai)
Branding: AATISMO (Keita Ebizuka, Daiki Nakamori)
Management consulting: RPI (Naoko Iwasaki)
Regional editor: hoka books (Keigo Nishio, Shogo Shimada)
Structural design: Kazuki Suzuki
Lighting Design: DAISUKI LIGHT (Masato Ohyoshi)
Photo: Yusuke Ono