Tachiki Tea Ceremony Room

Architecture, Installation

Tachiki Kannon, Otsu, Shiga


"Tachiki Kannon" is a temple located in Otsu City, Shiga Prefecture. It is said that Kukai built the hall to enshrine the statue of Guanyin which he carved on a standing tree when he was 42 years old, to purge people of bad luck and illness.
This is a tea ceremony room for the event of the 1200th anniversary of the founding of Tachiki Kannon.This is a tea ceremony room for a Buddhist memorial service to offer tea to Kannon and Kobo-Daishi in commemoration of the 1200th anniversary of the founding of Tachiki Kannon. The tea room is designed to be used for the tea offering ceremony both in Ura-senke style outside and in Taiwanese style inside the halfway house by changing its form.
This tea room looks like a tea box carrying tea utensils and a tea whisk, and since each part can be removed and attached, it can be used with only spandrel wall during a tea ceremony, or the parts can be placed as a folding screen or shelf.
This can also be used as an exhibition stand for vessels, objet d'art, and paintings when holding some exhibitions in the temple.
By using old materials such as wooden lattice windows and Laotian paper, it stands in harmony with the scenery of the temple and will accept changes over time.