Animal Masks

Installation, Art

Lexus Design Award 2015, winner


We can find a man with an animal head in some mythologies, and also find masks representing animals in many traditional ceremonies and festivals around the world. By imitating the shape of the animals, the person is considered to have their power or is trying to gain power. However, their role is only symbolic, so it is expected to have a possession-like effect, but, of course, it doesn't mean that the person can actually gain that power.
ANIMAL MASKS are equipped with digital devices inside, and by wearing the masks, you can get a vision of each animal. There are three masks: Giraffe Mask gives the wearer high and wide range of vision, Dolphin Mask gives echolocation, and Snake Mask gives the ability to sense heat. Each mask is made of natural materials that symbolize each motif, like some masks used in traditional festivals. technology, and aims to merge the mythical world with the modern world.