Architecture, Research


AURA (Alternative Urbanism Realized by the Arts) is a research project commissioned by Kitagawara Laboratory, Department of Architecture, Faculty of Fine Arts, Tokyo University of the Arts. Based on a survey of domestic and international urban planning case studies and a survey and analysis of urban fundamentals for new urban planning, we proposed a planning method for an innovative city of art and culture, and specifically aimed to create a master plan concept for the Ueno Park area.
Although it is located in the heart of the city, the "Ueno Forest area" is an important area where various cultural facilities and greenery are concentrated, and it has the potential to become a center of Japanese art and culture like no other in the world. We will use unconventional methods to explore how Ueno Forest can be positioned in the future with art and culture as its backbone, and how we can look back on its history and discover the great potential and appeal of Ueno Forest as a world-class city of art and culture.
Together with the students in our laboratory, we conducted research from our own perspective, such as qualitative research based on the five senses, which is difficult to handle in basic research, while building on the results of basic research. We also conducted events and exhibitions based on these studies, and produced a book summarizing our research.