Spirits of Tripodity


SaloneSatellite 2023


A tripod has the smallest number of legs that can stably support an object. It can balance on even or uneven ground. It has been used in multiple forms for various purposes such as containers, stands and stools in civilizations around the world. Although the tripod is a simple and primitive configuration, no three-legged creature is found in nature and only appears in mythology, making it a form that can only be found in artificial objects. In ancient China, it was a symbol of kingship and emperorship, while in ancient Greece it fulfilled a special role to support a bowl for offering sacrifices to the gods.
We have designed three pieces of furniture in order to explore the potential of tripod, which have the dichotomous and ambivalent character of being both commonplace and special. The collection includes a floor lamp, a stool, and a low table each with a common tripod configuration but with different origins.

This floor lamp is inspired by a tripod stand placed in a cleft in a rock, where Pythia, a priestess of the ancient Greek city of Delphi, is said to have sat when she announced an oracle.
The diffuser placed at the top, resembling a basin, reflects the light projected from the base below, gently illuminating the surrounding space. The basin and the base can also be used to place or display objects, inviting people to gather around and spend time together while enjoying the light.

This stool is a reinterpretation of the unique stools made by Senufo people indigenous to West Africa who have a culture of sprit and animal worship. Their stools, carved out of a single large piece of wood, are characterized by a rustic appearance and a charming form somewhat like a living creature.
Made of three conical legs overlapping each other, this stool has a simple and powerful abstract shape, yet it has an animal-like presence. Despite its chunky appearance, it is made of thin metal and is lightweight, making it easy to move around.
he lotus has been a symbol of purity and holiness in ancient India and ancient China, as it grows from mud but produces beautiful flowers.
The top of this low table is made of three parts joined together. At the joints, the edges of the table tops are slightly bent like lotus leaves to maintain their strength. The three legs also gain strength from their folded shape and support the joints of the table top.
The shape of the table brings elegance and a festive atmosphere to the space.